Origin of the theater

Les Elfes de Tialy ™'s theater was born from a wish. A desire to transmit the taste of tales, the invention of stories, the construction of an imaginary dreamed world.

This is how theater is born: the desire to play the stories told to children, the desire to create for them a live show, the desire for characters easy to handle for their little hands, want to see them appropriate the story, play it and tell it with their words and their imagination.
Les Elfes de Tialy are our children, our little elves, left in their imaginary world, Tialy, having fun inventing their stories.

Who are we ?


llustrators who work on drawings for the theater. But also a lot of support.

Sophie, Camille, Lucille, Adelaïde, Claire, Manon, Celine, Guillaume, Aurelia, Martine, Assia.
They are parents, grandparents, kindergarten teachers, recreation center directors, storytellers, maternal assistants and Montessori pedagogues.
Without them the theater would surely not exist! Their advice have been and still is very valuable!
And some share in the blog articles their knowledge, their advice, their good plans for children.

This project is supported by:
La chambre de commerce et d'industrie de seine et marne

Entreprendre au pays de Fontainebleau

It is mentee by:

Guy Lévi-Bochi
Founder & CEO / Président
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